Uniform Unicorn

not bunnies and light

Maddy finally got groomed

She finally looks like the Bouvier she is.


And let’s not leave out the other 2.

Obsession = Yellow

The first time in 40 years we have a dog who is ball crazy. Who will chase and bring back for you to throw as long as you can…or will.

Other dogs have played with toys. Others have had strange obsessions. Dottie chased birds, and actually caught one. It really upset her, though that it wouldn’t get up and play with her. She never chased another one after that. But she also chased airplanes. When the new airport was built, the AFB takeoff runway put us right in the flight path so the big cargo planes were still pretty low when they’d come over the house. Dottie would chase them until she ran into the fence then stand and watch as they “got away”. What she’d do with one if she caught it was a scary thought.

Favorites were squeaky toys and stuffed stuff. When it came to balls or frisbees, the consensus has always been “if you wanted that, why did you throw it away?”

Until Maddy. We hadn’t been able to get her interested in toys at all, for the most part, and what she did take an interest in, she destroyed. A KONG, trashed. Firehose toys, 5 minutes to destruction. Even a leash when she couldn’t find anything else, chewed into 5 pieces. Small pieces. I had visions of the hose Dottie chewed into rubber washers when she was a pup.

Then Leo found a tennis ball at the bottom of the toy crate and figured that this would be another dud. Boy was he wrong. At first she just carried it around the house, keeping it between her paws or in her mouth as she napped. Then we took her outside and threw it. Oh boy.

That ball has been washed every day now and I went looking for some affordable tennis balls because I knew that there’d be problems if something happened to this lone, little one. A great deal on Amazon caught my eye and I ordered 18 tennis balls in a mesh bag for $12.

The box came yesterday. Somehow she seemed to know it was for her. You should have seen her face when the bag and all those round yellow things came out of the box. It was hilarious. Grab the bag, run with it, tug when trying to get it away from her…all the time vocalizing “mine, mine, mine”.

Now, where can I hire an 8 year old willing to throw balls all weekend?

Some pictures. And yes, now we’re going to have to shovel out the sand…from the car, from the clothes, from the dog.


Strange days

Maddy is settling down nicely with just a couple problems. She bullys the other 2 and has them afraid to pass her in a doorway. We’ll be working on that. Once I can convince my husband that letting her get away with things isn’t helping.

The other 2 have always had a place on his bed when he isn’t in it. Maddy has decided that not only is it going to be her place, but it isn’t going to matter if he’s there or not. This is definitely not the way to go. I’m doing my best to reassure the other dogs…Willie especially…but some support would make it a whole lot easier. Poor Willie. I have never seen this dog holding his tail down while in the house in the 7 years he’s lived with us. Now it’s down all the time. I’m hoping it’ll raise his spirits when he sees her come home from the vet wearing the “cone of shame”.

Then there was the tug of war. Husband carrying bag of trash (one large item needing disposed of, not a lot of little things thank goodness). He thought it would be funny to bop Maddy in the nose with the bag. She thought it would be fun to play tug of war with it. I think I might enter her in a tractor pull. She’s one strong dog. Doesn’t pull out on the leash but boy get on the other end of something she decides she wants to play with and you could find yourself in another room very quickly.


Huh??? Where did my wild child go?

Today is day 3 and Maddy is a totally different dog. Out of the crate this morning…no running around, no counter surfing, no wrestling, no jumping in your lap, no mouthing. Uh, where did she go? Overnight she has become the typical well-behaved Bouvier. And I’m stumped.

Leo took her out this morning and she walked easily on the leash. Every time he stopped she moved to his side and either stood there or sat. Came in the house and sat in the living room watching everything going on, coming up occasionally to be petted. Asked to be brushed. (Or at least I think picking up the brush and bringing it to you is asking)

But still does not respond to her name.

One small dustup with Willie…totally Willie’s fault. Maddy had some food that dribbled out of her mouth on to the floor. Willie snuck up and tried to get it. Maddy objected. Loudly. I don’t think Willie will try that again. And our darling Willie is now becoming the problem child.

He’s now having to be kept on a leash when going out as he absolutely refuses to come back in if left loose. Never a problem before. And, he’s been with us for 7 years and never did anything in the house. Last night I found a puddle in the living room and it pretty much had to be Willie. Grace had retired to her closet and Maddy had been crated about an hour before. The puddle was not there when she went to the crate. I would have expected it from her as a rescue.

So, Willie’s getting more reassurance. Things are upside down around here today.

Willie and Grace


Maddy’s Tale … day 2a

Just got the results of her blood work and stool sample. And again, a real conundrum. A dog listed as having been a stray, living on the street has absolutely normal blood work and no worms. We truly expected, with the condition of her coat, to find that she needed thyroid supplements. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to deal with that for a rescue. Expecting her to have worms is sort of like expecting her to have legs (no matter the number).

But she’s normal all the way around except for being intact and having a broken tooth. Both of which will be fixed on Monday.

Hoping to get her groomed soon so I can post some good pictures. Here’s one of her with the ABRL (American Bouvier Rescue League) co-ordinator, Deborah Dickerson, who stepped in to get her out of the shelter. The picture with her shows of Maddy better than the picture with us. (Of course, it’s us that makes Maddy look bad)


Maddy’s Tale…day 2

Getting her out of the kitchen last night and having her stay out has given me a little leeway on my “things to do”. This morning I wanted to do some spinning and there’s no way I want her in the spinning room right now. It’s a small room, 2 spinning wheels and both yarn and fiber storage.

She likes to pick up things she sees laying around; on the floor, on the counters, on the coffee table. The spinning room would be an awful temptation for her. And right now she smells pretty bad. I don’t need that transferring to my fiber stash.

But, I also want her to start feeling comfortable in the house without being crated. So I left the door open far enough that she could see she wasn’t alone but blocked it from opening far enough to let her in. When I finished, she was sound asleep on the couch.

She can get wild when you sit down beside her. Then she wants in your lap and isn’t subtle about getting there. Think WWF not subtle. (World Wrestling Federation) This is one that definitely needs some work.


Farewell gray and furry

We had a rodent in the house. This time of year we tend to get them as it has been very dry and they come in looking for water. Which they have found in previous years by chewing up pvc pipes and making it necessary to tear out parts of walls to fix.

We tried leaving a container of water outside to try to stop that but then we came up against the other bane of the south…the 747 sized mosquito. Hard to tell which is worse.

Poison isn’t really an option for us as there are stray cats in the neighborhood and we’ve seen hawks take a meal or 2 out of the back yard. There has been evidence of other species (no matter what the package says) being impacted by poisonous rodent contol. The suffocation and glue traps just seem unnecessarily cruel, can’t live with cats any more due to medical problems and my terriers have taken to being uninterested. SO….

Enter 2 Hav-a-hart traps. I know, what do you do with them after you’ve caught them? Perfect solution found after catching one. The first one any of the traps we’ve set has managed. Husband took it and released it in a heavily wooded area behind his work. About 20 miles away and not residential. Lots of other wildlife there…a fox has been seen and 2 coyotes as well as the hawks and owls and, I’m sure, snakes.

So gray and furry may end up living a perfectly normal life, engendering other grays and furries and having a grand old time. Or it could already have made a meal for something else. Which I refuse to feel bad about. At least it doesn’t have the means in its body to harm whatever ate it.


Something added

I’ve decided to add a forum to this site. For people interested in the same crafts/hobbies that I am. Me and a couple cohorts (read global moderators) have been working to get it set up. It’s still not perfect but ready for some like-minded members.

Rules will be the same as here on the blog.

So, have you ever spent hours knitting or crocheting something then had to frog most of it? Then you will find comfort in the name of this forum. Wanted to find someone to discuss tatting or weaving or spinning with? Do you sew? Make garments or quilts? We’d love to have you join.

You’ll have to register, of course but it’s free so you’re not going to lose anything. Except possibly your crafting budget as you find even more things to try.

Check out the “Panic Room”.


I am NOT a morning person

Never have been. Even as a kid, night time was my time. My years with the carnival were great (except for Saturday matinees, that is) and in the winter I’d always try to get a job that started at 4pm at the earliest. Work till 2am and then go out to the after hours clubs. Can’t do that any more but I have lots of fond memories.

Which should have kicked in this morning when I tried to cook. I got black beans. Of course they started out as limas but they just totally left my mind and the smoke woke my husband. They were going to be the basis of lima bean hummus for him, which he loves. (I try to do nice things for him occasionally)

I even told myself to set a timer so I wouldn’t forget the beans. So I forgot the timer.

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT attempt to cook anything on the stove (crockpot is ok) at 7am. EVER.


What a shame.

I’ve had to delete users and close all comments because someone thinks it’s funny to clog my mailbox with bogus registrations.

If you are still interested in being part of this blog, use the contact form to let me know and give a LEGITIMATE email address.

And if you think this is going to shut me up, you don’t know me too well, do you?