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Strange days

Maddy is settling down nicely with just a couple problems. She bullys the other 2 and has them afraid to pass her in a doorway. We’ll be working on that. Once I can convince my husband that letting her get away with things isn’t helping.

The other 2 have always had a place on his bed when he isn’t in it. Maddy has decided that not only is it going to be her place, but it isn’t going to matter if he’s there or not. This is definitely not the way to go. I’m doing my best to reassure the other dogs…Willie especially…but some support would make it a whole lot easier. Poor Willie. I have never seen this dog holding his tail down while in the house in the 7 years he’s lived with us. Now it’s down all the time. I’m hoping it’ll raise his spirits when he sees her come home from the vet wearing the “cone of shame”.

Then there was the tug of war. Husband carrying bag of trash (one large item needing disposed of, not a lot of little things thank goodness). He thought it would be funny to bop Maddy in the nose with the bag. She thought it would be fun to play tug of war with it. I think I might enter her in a tractor pull. She’s one strong dog. Doesn’t pull out on the leash but boy get on the other end of something she decides she wants to play with and you could find yourself in another room very quickly.

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