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Maddy’s Tale … day 2a

Just got the results of her blood work and stool sample. And again, a real conundrum. A dog listed as having been a stray, living on the street has absolutely normal blood work and no worms. We truly expected, with the condition of her coat, to find that she needed thyroid supplements. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had to deal with that for a rescue. Expecting her to have worms is sort of like expecting her to have legs (no matter the number).

But she’s normal all the way around except for being intact and having a broken tooth. Both of which will be fixed on Monday.

Hoping to get her groomed soon so I can post some good pictures. Here’s one of her with the ABRL (American Bouvier Rescue League) co-ordinator, Deborah Dickerson, who stepped in to get her out of the shelter. The picture with her shows of Maddy better than the picture with us. (Of course, it’s us that makes Maddy look bad)

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