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Huh??? Where did my wild child go?

Today is day 3 and Maddy is a totally different dog. Out of the crate this morning…no running around, no counter surfing, no wrestling, no jumping in your lap, no mouthing. Uh, where did she go? Overnight she has become the typical well-behaved Bouvier. And I’m stumped.

Leo took her out this morning and she walked easily on the leash. Every time he stopped she moved to his side and either stood there or sat. Came in the house and sat in the living room watching everything going on, coming up occasionally to be petted. Asked to be brushed. (Or at least I think picking up the brush and bringing it to you is asking)

But still does not respond to her name.

One small dustup with Willie…totally Willie’s fault. Maddy had some food that dribbled out of her mouth on to the floor. Willie snuck up and tried to get it. Maddy objected. Loudly. I don’t think Willie will try that again. And our darling Willie is now becoming the problem child.

He’s now having to be kept on a leash when going out as he absolutely refuses to come back in if left loose. Never a problem before. And, he’s been with us for 7 years and never did anything in the house. Last night I found a puddle in the living room and it pretty much had to be Willie. Grace had retired to her closet and Maddy had been crated about an hour before. The puddle was not there when she went to the crate. I would have expected it from her as a rescue.

So, Willie’s getting more reassurance. Things are upside down around here today.

Willie and Grace

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