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Farewell gray and furry

We had a rodent in the house. This time of year we tend to get them as it has been very dry and they come in looking for water. Which they have found in previous years by chewing up pvc pipes and making it necessary to tear out parts of walls to fix.

We tried leaving a container of water outside to try to stop that but then we came up against the other bane of the south…the 747 sized mosquito. Hard to tell which is worse.

Poison isn’t really an option for us as there are stray cats in the neighborhood and we’ve seen hawks take a meal or 2 out of the back yard. There has been evidence of other species (no matter what the package says) being impacted by poisonous rodent contol. The suffocation and glue traps just seem unnecessarily cruel, can’t live with cats any more due to medical problems and my terriers have taken to being uninterested. SO….

Enter 2 Hav-a-hart traps. I know, what do you do with them after you’ve caught them? Perfect solution found after catching one. The first one any of the traps we’ve set has managed. Husband took it and released it in a heavily wooded area behind his work. About 20 miles away and not residential. Lots of other wildlife there…a fox has been seen and 2 coyotes as well as the hawks and owls and, I’m sure, snakes.

So gray and furry may end up living a perfectly normal life, engendering other grays and furries and having a grand old time. Or it could already have made a meal for something else. Which I refuse to feel bad about. At least it doesn’t have the means in its body to harm whatever ate it.

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