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Maddy’s Tale…day 2

Getting her out of the kitchen last night and having her stay out has given me a little leeway on my “things to do”. This morning I wanted to do some spinning and there’s no way I want her in the spinning room right now. It’s a small room, 2 spinning wheels and both yarn and fiber storage.

She likes to pick up things she sees laying around; on the floor, on the counters, on the coffee table. The spinning room would be an awful temptation for her. And right now she smells pretty bad. I don’t need that transferring to my fiber stash.

But, I also want her to start feeling comfortable in the house without being crated. So I left the door open far enough that she could see she wasn’t alone but blocked it from opening far enough to let her in. When I finished, she was sound asleep on the couch.

She can get wild when you sit down beside her. Then she wants in your lap and isn’t subtle about getting there. Think WWF not subtle. (World Wrestling Federation) This is one that definitely needs some work.

Something added

I’ve decided to add a forum to this site. For people interested in the same crafts/hobbies that I am. Me and a couple cohorts (read global moderators) have been working to get it set up. It’s still not perfect but ready for some like-minded members.

Rules will be the same as here on the blog.

So, have you ever spent hours knitting or crocheting something then had to frog most of it? Then you will find comfort in the name of this forum. Wanted to find someone to discuss tatting or weaving or spinning with? Do you sew? Make garments or quilts? We’d love to have you join.

You’ll have to register, of course but it’s free so you’re not going to lose anything. Except possibly your crafting budget as you find even more things to try.

Check out the “Panic Room”.


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