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I am NOT a morning person

Never have been. Even as a kid, night time was my time. My years with the carnival were great (except for Saturday matinees, that is) and in the winter I’d always try to get a job that started at 4pm at the earliest. Work till 2am and then go out to the after hours clubs. Can’t do that any more but I have lots of fond memories.

Which should have kicked in this morning when I tried to cook. I got black beans. Of course they started out as limas but they just totally left my mind and the smoke woke my husband. They were going to be the basis of lima bean hummus for him, which he loves. (I try to do nice things for him occasionally)

I even told myself to set a timer so I wouldn’t forget the beans. So I forgot the timer.

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT attempt to cook anything on the stove (crockpot is ok) at 7am. EVER.

What a shame.

I’ve had to delete users and close all comments because someone thinks it’s funny to clog my mailbox with bogus registrations.

If you are still interested in being part of this blog, use the contact form to let me know and give a LEGITIMATE email address.

And if you think this is going to shut me up, you don’t know me too well, do you?


Who will be first?

To no longer be permitted to work in certain areas:
To attend certain schools:
To no longer be allowed to own businesses:
To vote:
To live in certain areas:
To be required to wear insignia denoting who and what they are:
To be subjected to curfews:
To be denied health care:

Who will be first? Because you can bet there WILL be a first; and then a second; and, eventually, you who are now rejoicing and celebrating will also be part of that list. And your children will grow up, if they are allowed to grow up at all, never knowing a day of freedom. Not even if you think your white skin and christian religion will exempt you.