Uniform Unicorn

not bunnies and light

Uniform Unicorn

Don’t be fooled. This is not a bunnies and light website.

If you aren’t new here, check recent posts in the sidebar.

You’ll probably see a lot of bitching as well as good stuff. You’ll be welcome to add to it unless;

If ‘nasty’ words bother you, say goodbye now.
If off color jokes make you apoplectic, say goodbye now.
If you’ve come here to preach your religion, don’t bother to say goodby because I’ll have booted you.
If you believe every conspiracy theory you hear, don’t bother saying goodbye. Just go.
It would be nice to not have politics here, but that’s unrealistic. Unless it gets nasty, then it goes.

And, importantly, NO WHINING. I absolutely hate whiners.

Yes, I know all about the first amendment.

It says you can say whatever you want. It doesn’t, however, say that I (or anyone else) is required to give you a platform. I’ll be glad to recommend hosting for you. I will even be glad to host you myself. My rates are $25/mo. for space and email, ftp, statistics and scripts you can install and use. You’ll still have to buy your own domain name elsewhere as I’m not a registrar.