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Farewell gray and furry

We had a rodent in the house. This time of year we tend to get them as it has been very dry and they come in looking for water. Which they have found in previous years by chewing up pvc pipes and making it necessary to tear out parts of walls to fix.

We tried leaving a container of water outside to try to stop that but then we came up against the other bane of the south…the 747 sized mosquito. Hard to tell which is worse.

Poison isn’t really an option for us as there are stray cats in the neighborhood and we’ve seen hawks take a meal or 2 out of the back yard. There has been evidence of other species (no matter what the package says) being impacted by poisonous rodent contol. The suffocation and glue traps just seem unnecessarily cruel, can’t live with cats any more due to medical problems and my terriers have taken to being uninterested. SO….

Enter 2 Hav-a-hart traps. I know, what do you do with them after you’ve caught them? Perfect solution found after catching one. The first one any of the traps we’ve set has managed. Husband took it and released it in a heavily wooded area behind his work. About 20 miles away and not residential. Lots of other wildlife there…a fox has been seen and 2 coyotes as well as the hawks and owls and, I’m sure, snakes.

So gray and furry may end up living a perfectly normal life, engendering other grays and furries and having a grand old time. Or it could already have made a meal for something else. Which I refuse to feel bad about. At least it doesn’t have the means in its body to harm whatever ate it.

Something added

I’ve decided to add a forum to this site. For people interested in the same crafts/hobbies that I am. Me and a couple cohorts (read global moderators) have been working to get it set up. It’s still not perfect but ready for some like-minded members.

Rules will be the same as here on the blog.

So, have you ever spent hours knitting or crocheting something then had to frog most of it? Then you will find comfort in the name of this forum. Wanted to find someone to discuss tatting or weaving or spinning with? Do you sew? Make garments or quilts? We’d love to have you join.

You’ll have to register, of course but it’s free so you’re not going to lose anything. Except possibly your crafting budget as you find even more things to try.

Check out the “Panic Room”.


I am NOT a morning person

Never have been. Even as a kid, night time was my time. My years with the carnival were great (except for Saturday matinees, that is) and in the winter I’d always try to get a job that started at 4pm at the earliest. Work till 2am and then go out to the after hours clubs. Can’t do that any more but I have lots of fond memories.

Which should have kicked in this morning when I tried to cook. I got black beans. Of course they started out as limas but they just totally left my mind and the smoke woke my husband. They were going to be the basis of lima bean hummus for him, which he loves. (I try to do nice things for him occasionally)

I even told myself to set a timer so I wouldn’t forget the beans. So I forgot the timer.

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT attempt to cook anything on the stove (crockpot is ok) at 7am. EVER.


What a shame.

I’ve had to delete users and close all comments because someone thinks it’s funny to clog my mailbox with bogus registrations.

If you are still interested in being part of this blog, use the contact form to let me know and give a LEGITIMATE email address.

And if you think this is going to shut me up, you don’t know me too well, do you?



I see lots and lots of new registrations in the last 3 or 4 hours. And I have to say that I’m very skeptical of them since this blog doesn’t get a lot of promotion.

So I’m kind of leaning toward a bunch of you having been sent here by a very vindictive person who really doesn’t like me, from a place called Knitting Paradise.

But that’s ok, as long as you’ve read the rules and adhere to them, it’s fine. I know she’s hoping that I’ll just shitcan every one of you and then she can scream about suppression of your rights to free speech (see rules). Won’t she be surprised when that doesn’t happen?

Rather than causing a stir, I have to warn you that you’re probably going to just be bored to tears since I don’t post very often, having many more things to do. But hey, it’s your time to waste if you want.



Who will be first?

To no longer be permitted to work in certain areas:
To attend certain schools:
To no longer be allowed to own businesses:
To vote:
To live in certain areas:
To be required to wear insignia denoting who and what they are:
To be subjected to curfews:
To be denied health care:

Who will be first? Because you can bet there WILL be a first; and then a second; and, eventually, you who are now rejoicing and celebrating will also be part of that list. And your children will grow up, if they are allowed to grow up at all, never knowing a day of freedom. Not even if you think your white skin and christian religion will exempt you.


I never saw this

My mother died when I was 18. She was 40. It was a really bad time but I’ve gotten through it and realized that she wasn’t a saint, wasn’t a paragon of virtue. I did what any kid does when they lose a parent they loved, put her on a pedestal and never wanted to see or hear anything bad about her. Ok, so I grew up and mom became another woman to me. She fixed her own car, hunted with bow and arrow (and got her deer every year…sometimes my step-father’s too), drank too much and flirted with anything in pants.

But today I found out that besides all the things that were denied or surpressed for women in the 50’s and early 60’s that one more thing was denied her even in death. One thing I think is important.

Her name was Goldie. Not a nickname, her actual name on her birth certificate. (Her nickname was Bess…don’t ask, I don’t know the answer to that one) But her newspaper obituary, in 3 local papers, listed her as Mrs. (Stepfather’s name). Today, through one of the genealogy sites, I found those obituaries and not one of them mentioned HER name anywhere. Not one. Even in death she became just an adjunct of the man she was married to, the mother of me and my sisters, daughter of my grandparents.

Not once was she ever acknowledged as an individual with an identity of her own. And it’s taken me 53 years to find that out.


Full Moons Suck

Last night I noticed a beautiful full moon in the sky as I was on my way to the hospital. Got a call from my husband, who works nights, that an ambulance had been called and he was having a heart attack. Yep, he certainly did.

In ICU with one stent and at least 3 more planned because the head cardiologist didn’t like the surgeon’s idea of a quadruple bypass. The way the surgeon explained to me was that my husband is a good candidate for this and it would give him better long-term recover after rehab. The cardiologist overruled him and it will be stents…which, of course, my husband would rather have.

But I’m at the point where I’m wondering if maybe it was the insurance overruling the surgery.

Add to that I cannot drive, the hospital is almost half an hour away and the cab I took home last night (had ride there but not back) cost me $40.05. I’m a wreck. I’m sad and worried and pissed off and want some reliable answers and I’m not getting any help with any of it.

We’ve been together 42 years. I have truly expected to make it to 50. Now I have to wonder and I don’t like what I see down the road.


I see new subscribers

And you are probably disappointed to find that there hasn’t been anything new in a while. Sorry about that. Between work and hobbies, husband, dogs and canning I sometimes forget to update. Oh yes, and tomorrow I start classes so that’s going to take up some more time. Give me a break. If you’d like to be a contributor, leave a comment and someplace where I can see a sample of your writing and I’ll see about upgrading you.

Biggest thing right now in my life that is troubling and bringing out the wish for the bloody horn is the hangup calls. I know where they’re coming from although they keep getting denied. The phone will ring but as soon as I pick up, whoever it is hangs up.

What’s most disturbing about this is that it’s from MY DOCTOR’S OFFICE. I’ve called now 3 times asking what’s going on and get told that I’m not even a patient with that practice so it can’t be from them. I read the number to them, they acknowledge it’s theirs but still say it can’t be. I sent them my phone log. Denial. It’s pissing me off highly. And if they are denying I’m a patient, what’s going to happen the next time I need a doctor? Do I get told to go somewhere else? If I wasn’t so angry about this, I’d probably be scared.


Enter the unicorn

Who has one uniform attitude. Which you will quickly get to know.