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And you are probably disappointed to find that there hasn’t been anything new in a while. Sorry about that. Between work and hobbies, husband, dogs and canning I sometimes forget to update. Oh yes, and tomorrow I start classes so that’s going to take up some more time. Give me a break. If you’d like to be a contributor, leave a comment and someplace where I can see a sample of your writing and I’ll see about upgrading you.

Biggest thing right now in my life that is troubling and bringing out the wish for the bloody horn is the hangup calls. I know where they’re coming from although they keep getting denied. The phone will ring but as soon as I pick up, whoever it is hangs up.

What’s most disturbing about this is that it’s from MY DOCTOR’S OFFICE. I’ve called now 3 times asking what’s going on and get told that I’m not even a patient with that practice so it can’t be from them. I read the number to them, they acknowledge it’s theirs but still say it can’t be. I sent them my phone log. Denial. It’s pissing me off highly. And if they are denying I’m a patient, what’s going to happen the next time I need a doctor? Do I get told to go somewhere else? If I wasn’t so angry about this, I’d probably be scared.

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