Uniform Unicorn

not bunnies and light


I see lots and lots of new registrations in the last 3 or 4 hours. And I have to say that I’m very skeptical of them since this blog doesn’t get a lot of promotion.

So I’m kind of leaning toward a bunch of you having been sent here by a very vindictive person who really doesn’t like me, from a place called Knitting Paradise.

But that’s ok, as long as you’ve read the rules and adhere to them, it’s fine. I know she’s hoping that I’ll just shitcan every one of you and then she can scream about suppression of your rights to free speech (see rules). Won’t she be surprised when that doesn’t happen?

Rather than causing a stir, I have to warn you that you’re probably going to just be bored to tears since I don’t post very often, having many more things to do. But hey, it’s your time to waste if you want.


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