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Full Moons Suck

Last night I noticed a beautiful full moon in the sky as I was on my way to the hospital. Got a call from my husband, who works nights, that an ambulance had been called and he was having a heart attack. Yep, he certainly did.

In ICU with one stent and at least 3 more planned because the head cardiologist didn’t like the surgeon’s idea of a quadruple bypass. The way the surgeon explained to me was that my husband is a good candidate for this and it would give him better long-term recover after rehab. The cardiologist overruled him and it will be stents…which, of course, my husband would rather have.

But I’m at the point where I’m wondering if maybe it was the insurance overruling the surgery.

Add to that I cannot drive, the hospital is almost half an hour away and the cab I took home last night (had ride there but not back) cost me $40.05. I’m a wreck. I’m sad and worried and pissed off and want some reliable answers and I’m not getting any help with any of it.

We’ve been together 42 years. I have truly expected to make it to 50. Now I have to wonder and I don’t like what I see down the road.

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